Hi my name is Jake and welcome to my art blog.
Illustration/Concept Art


I get anxious saying this stuff in public because I'm a socially awkward mess but your artwork is seriously amazing dude! I really hope you do the Art Direction for a video game one day (if that's what you're into...)

A question by myhappyhell

Thanks man! your stuff rocks so hard tho! and if i was ever capable of art directing anything i would make sure your stuffs in it. I would love to land sick 999 critical hit combos using your characters

Mecha-Mammoth! #marchofrobots #mammoth

You drew some cute rocks and try make me so happy thank you so much!!

A question by vulcanbotanist

Cool to hear that they make people happy. Thanks

Hi those rock bbs you drew are really cute. I was wondering if i could clump some together and get them tattooed on me.

A question by justasfuckingalien

Thanks a lot! and for sure go for it

Mecha-Andrewsarchus! #marchofrobots #Andrewsarchus

Mecha-Archeon! #marchofrobots #seaturtle

Mecha-Pachycephalosaurus! #marchofrobots #robot #dinosaur

sketchin some blue bettas